“Core Financial UK have a great business outlook and are always keen to ensure they are working as smart as possible, and have been invaluable to the continued success of my business. Interestingly in the last year, our Regional Manager has been rewarding the top 10 achievers in our office. You will find it no surprise to know that Core Financial UK provide support to at least 80% of the attendees at these events. Core Financial UK have been a great addition to my team, and I know my business would be less productive without their services.”

Darryl-Louise Shirtliff, Grange Court Financial and Medical Management LLP


“I have been using Core Financial UK for admin support since the start of 2011. I have always found them to be very prompt and efficient, enabling me to carry out my obligations to clients in a more effective manner, by freeing up my time to spend on more client facing opportunities and releasing me from having to deal with the seemingly never ending stream of correspondence to and from product providers. As a result, despite having to pay a cost for this service, my productivity has increased and therefore the profitability of my business has also increased. I would have no hesitation in recommending Core Financial UK to any financial adviser.”

Lee Barnard, Lighthouse Group


“We contacted Core Financial UK as we decided to transform our Practice. Firstly Core Financial came into our office to see how it was operating and to offer their expertise in how to make changes. Core Financial UK helped us go from having mountains of paperwork to a paperless office, scanning all our files for us and sending documentation to clients as well as completing the suitability letters. We have to say that we couldn’t have made these changes without their help. As a very busy growing practice Core Financial UK allowed us to get out there and see new clients while they made our office efficient. They spent time working for us both within our offices and remotely which gave us the extra merit of working face to face with them throughout the process. All the work they did made it easy for us to expand our practice and the stress levels were kept to a minimum. Core Financial are extremely professional and know the industry. We will be using them again and would happily refer them to other Financial companies both within our offices and out.”

Elizabeth Lumley, Lumley Wealth Management


“I have used Core Financial UK for over 7 years now. They have worked on many private and corporate cases with me, covering areas such as Pension transfers, Structured products, Protection and Investment solutions. They will provide relevant research and insight into the sales process. Their communication skills are excellent and relationships with Compliance dept and Commission dept help considerably. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any other advisers. They will enhance your business and make your life easier.”

Jason Bleanch, Wealth Aspirations LLP