1. Core Financial Paraplanning is the trading name of Hannah Wynick, carrying on business of a Financial Services Paraplanning Firm.
  2. Core Financial Paraplanning will undertake all research and prepare such reports as are required of them by the Financial Adviser to whom their services are contracted.
  3. All work undertaken by Core Financial Paraplanning shall be in the strictest confidence and done without giving advice.
  4. All research undertaken by Core Financial Paraplanning will be based upon the information provided to them by the Adviser.  The Adviser shall ensure that all relevant and correct information is provided to Core Financial Paraplanning at the commencement of each case and immediately inform them of any changes of such information as soon as the same becomes known to the Adviser.
  5. Costs per case will be confirmed with the Adviser by Core Financial Paraplanning prior to undertaking any work.
  6. Core Financial Paraplanning will accept no responsibility for research or reports which are based upon incorrect information provided by the Adviser.
  7. Core Financial Paraplanning will liaise and discuss with the Adviser throughout its preparation of the research and reports.  Core Financial Paraplanning accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the advice provided by the Adviser to their Client.
  8. Upon the completion of each case, all documentation pertaining to the relevant case shall be sent to the Adviser.
  9. All work will be billed at the end of each month and is payable by the 10th day of the following month irrespective of whether or not the Adviser has been paid by their client.  Any payments which are overdue by this date or more will incur an additional charge of £100.00.
  10. Core Financial Paraplanning have the right to refuse a case if the outcome is deemed unethical or poor practice.